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Welcome to the Jugadelics Web Site. We are an American Jug Band based in Connecticut. Committing jugadelia across the fruited plain, we perform an eclectic blend of music in the jug band style. We typically employ a jug player and a mix of traditional and home-made instruments. Wikipedia has a great page on jug band music for further reading.

Shishka Bob

Our 2nd CD is out! Click the image to order.

New Gallery, March Farm!

Our current featured song is I Woke Up. This live recording is available by clicking on the image below:

Our original song "Blue Flowers" has been selected for
Jugs Across America: A Modern Jug Band Compilation.
This compilation is loaded with great jug band material
that reflects the current state of Jug Band Music in America.


Click to play Blue Flowers:

We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming gig, and are truly yours truly,