Doug Dangermon

- The GRAND POO PAH of DADA- A.K.A. Doug Poger A.K.A. Vincent Von Snorkle A.K.A. Dr. Dusseldorf. Doug grew up in the sleepy beach town of West Haven – HOME OF THE SPILT HOT DOG. Raised as a Dadaist, his father moved his family under the Savin Rock Carousel. He had a small room under the carousel bass drum. It was there in his bedroom, with the carousel music bellowing that he dreamed one-day he would be a drummer and “spilt this one horse town.” As a teenager he studied congas with master conga player Michael Mills (Drums not guns).

He finally left West Haven and moved to Bethany, where there are more horses but fewer people. He became a director for Channel 20 WTXX and worked with Cindy Lauper, Elvira, Hal Linden and the Lone Ranger (Clayton Moore). Dangermon became a virtuoso drummer in the TRI-STATE area. He started playing around Connecticut with Andy Gray, Bad Bob and The Capt. Hillale Band. In the 90’s he formed the rough and tumble HOOSEGOW BAND. Their second recording “ IN TENTS” received rave reviews and airplay on WPLR, WYBC and WPKN. Doug or Von Snorkle as he is known to his scuba diving friends continued to play percussion around the country with THEATRE OF THE INTUITIVE IMPROVISATION and Mr. DON’T MOVE. Doug is a stylized drummer. His drum set includes timbales and upper toms. He is known for hitting his head on the snare with little effect. (on his head) He is currently the rock drummer for the all original World beat rock band NOT HERE.

Doug’s quirky films have played the Film Festival circuit and have been seen at THE INTERNATIONAL ARTS AND IDEAS FESTIVAL, THE NEW HAVEN FILM FESTIVAL, IDIOT VILLAGE and THE KENT FILM FEST. He has won the 2007-2008 BEST EDITOR SKYE AWARD. The Grand Poo Pa’s local access show can been seen every Monday night on Skye 13 in Waterbury and is called DA DA T.V. Mr. Poger did not start playing the washboard with the JUGADELICS at first he played the dryer, then the V.C.R. and he also tried the front load washer. It wasn’t until he met Freddy Frylicker from THE TOAD AND OLD MOLD JUG BAND that he found his calling … THE WASHBORD !! “Up and down, never let go- make love to that board” Freddy told him. Now he is the hyper proud player of the JUGADELICS and CHAIRMAN OF THE WASHBORD.