About Phil:

Phil Juhas is a multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, 6 and 8 string resonator guitar, trombone, and when hes feeling particularly annoying, a 6-string banjo. Giving up the violin and the tuba stand as Phils everlasting gifts to mankind. He blows the jug with the Jugadelics because, so far at least, no one else in the band has been able to play it for more than 3 minutes without passing out. He learned the jug by careful study of the late Geno Haggerty of the Provincetown Jug Band. Phil spent many hours in pursuit of the secrets of jug playing at the Surf Club in Provincetown MA where Geno and the Provincetown Jug Band played every night of the summer season, every year from the late 60s to the early 90s.

Phil happily plays music with whomever will allow him to. Hes a student of old time swing music, although a bluegrass tune or some Johnny Cash sometimes find their way out. Besides playing with the Jugadelics, you can find him backing up other area musicians.